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Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP)

Snap Inc. (Snap) Is Making A Strong Comeback – Here’s Why...

Snap Inc. (NYSE:SNAP) shares are gaining value after several investment firms gave bullish ratings for the stock, citing user growth.On June 6, Deutsche Bank gave a “Hold” rating for Snapchat stock. The bank said in its report that Snapchat saw a 3% growth in users in May, which shows that things may be turning... Read more
Best Technology Stocks,

2 Technology Companies to Buy Right Now

The software and internet era has disrupted many industries which we though were bulletproof. Now, E-commerce and “The Armageddon of Retail” are just a few of the consequences of internet and a globalized world-market. In so, a few industries have blossomed and software companies might be one of the most promising industries in the... Read more
Bitcoin Mining

Why Are More Governments Stopping Bitcoin Mining Operations?

Bitcoin mining has become a profitable industry for many people in the cryptocurrency community. Despite the increasing popularity of bitcoin mining around the globe, though, there are quite a few places where it’s illegal. In another recent article, we looked at where bitcoin mining is currently being prohibited. In this article, we’ll look at... Read more
The Priceline Group, Booking Holdings (NYSE: BKNG), Ctrip.com International, Ltd – American Depositary Shares (NYSE: CTRP)

How to Invest in the Growing Wanderlust

People are travelling more than ever before. Ask any teenager and they say that they prefer to go on adventures rather than buying objects. This is the new reality and the core concept behind the movement away from materialism – people want to spend more money on activities and create everlasting memories. The world... Read more

Investing on Headlines – Toss of a Coin – Bitcoin or...

In a major reshuffle of its management team recently, the largest of its kind since the company was founded, Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) unveiled a slew of new appointments and promotions. One striking new development was the creation of a dedicated team to explore the use of Blockchain technology. But what about the other “hot... Read more
Investing on Headlines: The Iran Nuclear Deal

Investing on Headlines: The Iran Nuclear Deal

May 12th, 2018, is a milestone date for international trade, as that’s when the Trump Whitehouse makes its decision on the Iranian Nuclear deal {Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on Iran} known to the world. Even though “Iran” might not be flashing red in your portfolios, the decision could have indirect impacts to... Read more
Penny Stocks Article

Penny Stocks – Maybe Worth More Than a Penny for Your...

Contrary to its name, a “penny stock” are not actually priced at a penny or under. In the past penny stocks were defined as stocks that trade for less that $1.Most of them do not trade on main exchanges. However, the SEC changed that definition to also include stocks trading on main exchanges that... Read more
Wall-Street-Image-Black& White

2 High Yielding Dividend Aristocrats Trading at Fair Values

A dividend aristocrat can be defined as S&P500 Index constituents that have increased their dividend payouts for 25 consecutive years or more. Many dividend aristocrats have significant economical moats such as branding power or shifting costs, which makes them able to beat their peers year after year. Finding a dividend aristocrat which trades a... Read more
Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB)

Is Facebook, Inc. (FB) a Sell?

Facebook, Inc. stock is under pressure as the company is criticized across the board for not taking users’ privacy seriously. Reports suggest that Mark Zuckerberg is set to testify to a U.S. House committee on April 11. Problems for Facebook started with it was revealed that data firm Cambridge Analytica exploited Facebook vulnerabilities to... Read more
REIT Investing

The Best Digital REIT to Buy Right Now

Finding value in this market is getting harder and harder, but for those who seek alternative investments such as real estate investment trust it’s easier. During the last 3 months, the 10-year treasury yield has increased from 2.40% to 2.74%. Since bonds are now more attractive for risk-averse investors, sectors such as utilities, consumer... Read more