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Paulson and Co

Investing Like the Gurus – Focus on John Paulson the Guru...

John Paulson is famous for making a huge bet on the U.S housing bubble – and winning! His Paulson & Co. Inc. hedge funds placed complex – yet very profitable – credit derivative bets and made billions of dollars as a result. By July of 2011, Mr. Paulson’s fund was at its highest ever,... Read more
South Korea and North Korean border

Investing on Headlines – Investment Ideas on Korean Peace Prospects

Tensions between South Korea, North Korea and the United States have been making headlines ever since President Trump took over the Whitehouse. In fact, in what would seem like an eternity, analysts believe that South Korean stocks have always been trading at a war-discount to stocks in neighboring countries of the Asia Pacific region.A... Read more
Pershing Square, Bill Ackman

Investing Like the Gurus – Understanding Bill Ackman’s Investment Style

There’s a lot that investors can learn from following Guru investors like Bill Ackman. If one were to try to learn how investment gurus think and manage their money, as a retail investor. It would be hard to mimic exactly how hedge fund Guru Bill Ackman invests his Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P’s fortune.... Read more

Here Is Why Nordic Banks Are a Buy

On April 16th Marketwatch analyst Victor Reklaitis wrote an article about the Nordic banks and claiming that many of the Nordic banks are a bargain:“Investor should consider buying shares in four Stockholm-based banks, says a team of UBS strategists led by Daniel Waldman in a recent note. They suggest placing equal bets on Swedbank... Read more

Investing Like the Gurus – An Insight Into the Portfolio of...

As individual portfolio managers, or even as independent retail investors, we all have our personal predispositions on how to invest. We bring with us our likes and dislikes about certain investment ideas, and then make investment decisions based on those biases. And that, sometimes, means we make mistakes – and learn. And while creating... Read more
Emerging Markets

Top Investment to Own to Protect Your Portfolio Against the Upcoming...

On March 22nd, the Trump administration fired a salvo at China by signalling out nearly 1300 Chinese products for tariffs. The President signed an executive order slapping new tariffs on those items, to the tune of $50 billion. Some would say that salvo was a response (and not a first shot) to the decades... Read more

What Returns to Expect From Your Stock Investments in 2018 and...

A timeless question investors always got to ask themselves is if the future returns from stock investment as an asset is large enough to make up for the risk they take by owning securities instead of bonds or just having money in the bank. Always remember that the reason stocks return more than safer... Read more

How to Risk Proof Your Portfolio

If you are professional investment manager, you’ll likely scoff at reading a post about the importance of Risk Assessment. That’s because, for the pros, assessing risk is like breathing – it comes naturally! But many first-time portfolio builders, and far too many DIY investors, might be tempted to jump right into the “Buy Now!”... Read more

Volatility Survival Guide

Investors watching their portfolios recently, on an hourly, daily or even monthly basis, have probably seen their investments gyrate like a yoyo, moving anywhere from a few basis points to double-digit losses or gains. That’s fear for you! And there’s a technical measure that puts actual numbers to that fear – it’s called the... Read more
Wall-Street-Image-Black& White

How To Profit From The FANG Headwinds

Changing Portfolios for Macro Economy ChangesThere’s a new world economic order brewing, and it’s time that investors recognized the impact that these macro changes could have on their portfolios. And we’re not just talking about impending interest rate hikes in the US. These changes include:Growing “nationalistic” sentiment in Europe and parts of South... Read more