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Investing With The Gurus – Using Guru Peter Lynch’s “Magic Formula”

We often wonder if there REALLY is such a thing as a “get rich magic formula”? If there is one, could it be that it’s held in such secrecy, that only the investing elite – like Hedge Fund gurus – know about it? Notice we did not say “get rich quick magic formula” –... Read more
Carl Icahn Hedge Fundvideo

Investing With The Gurus – Carl Icahn’s Updated Portfolio

Guru billionaire Carl Icahn has been in the news for many reasons in the past, but more recently (5 years or so ago), he made headlines as a result of a rather public and brutal battle of the hedge funds with rival Bill Ackman of Perishing Square Capital Management. News watchers might recall that... Read more
Joel Greenblatt Gotham Asset Management

Investing With The Gurus – Joel Greenblatt Adds 4 New Stocks...

Investment Guru Joel Greenblatt’s Gotham Asset Management, LLC filed its SEC 13F returns for Q2-2018 on August 14th, 2018. According to the company’s declared strategy, this Guru uses a Long-Short, Long-Only and Market Neutral approach to pick positions based on valuation. In the vast majority of cases, Gotham does not believe in holding an... Read more
Bill Ackman

Investing With The Gurus – Learning From Bill Ackman’s Q2-2018 Portfolio

Perishing Square Capital Management’s Bill Ackman recently filed the hedge funds’ 13F reports for the quarter ending June 30, 2018. For those investors that wish to invest like the Gurus, studying these reports is a great way to understand what portfolio changes have taken place Q/Q. In the following sections, we’ll do a deep-dive... Read more
Third Point LLC

Investing With The Gurus – Daniel Loeb Q2-2018 Update

In earlier posts, we reviewed the investment style of Third Point Management Co LLC’s Daniel Loeb, and we also covered two quarterly performance reviews of the Guru’s portfolio – Q4-2017 and Q1-2018. Today, we’ll look at how the portfolio has performed during Q2-2018. As always, it is our intention to not only review the... Read more

Why You Should Look Away from the “Financial FANG’s” $JPM, $BAC,...

As investors, we’re probably familiar with the FANGs of the tech industry – Facebook (FB), Apple (AAPL), Netflix (NFLX) and Google/Alphabet (GOOG). These are often the “go to” names if anyone wishes to expose their portfolio to technology. There is a parallel concept in the financial industry too, with anyone wanting exposure to the... Read more
2 Expert Stock Picks for Playing Interest-Rate Hikes

2 Expert Stock Picks for Playing Interest-Rate Hikes

As the U.S economy begins to “normalize” (barring any unforeseen fallouts from trade disputes and tariff wars!), the Fed will gradually increase interest rates. This will mean that Treasury yields could rise – perhaps even significantly. So, what does that mean for your portfolio? Well, if Treasury yields continue to drift higher, it will likely... Read more
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Investing with the Gurus – Differing Sentiments About the Same Investment

In investment circles, it’s often said that a great company doesn’t necessarily make a great investment. So, when investing Gurus like Bill Ackman (Pershing Square Capital Management), Joel Greenblatt (Gotham Asset Management) or Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway) put their money to work in a stock, one automatically assumes that the opportunity was about a... Read more
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Investing with the Gurus – a Look at Robert Bruce’s Current...

Steered by an experienced father-son team of R. Jeffrey Bruce and Robert B. Bruce, Bruce & Co prefers to invest using a moderate allocation of capital across Stocks, Bonds and cash-based assets. Both vanguards of the investment duo have been at the helm since the fund’s founding 33 years ago. They prefer an emphasis... Read more
Daniel Loeb, Third Point Management Co LLC’

Investing like the Gurus: Daniel Loeb’s Portfolio First Quarter 2018 Update

In a prior post, we took a close look at Third Point Management Co LLC’s Daniel Loeb, and what the Guru’s investment style is like. We also delved at length into what the hedge fund’s Q4-2017 portfolio looked like, in order to give us an insight into what specific positions they favor, and which... Read more