How To Protect Your Privacy On The Internet Infographic


There are precautions that we do to make our everyday life safe. We don’t talk to strangers. We don’t give our mobile numbers and address to anyone we don’t have close relationship with. And we lock our doors at night. Sometimes privacy and safety go hand in hand together. Without one, it’s difficult to attain the other. That’s why we do what we do to protect our privacy and ensure our safety in the real world.

Online, however, that’s a different story. We have the false idea that no one knows us just because we are behind our computers and are using another name. If someone wants to know about us, they can easily. It’s what the Internet is made for, to make it easy for everyone to reach for information. So even though we feel we have our privacy, we really don’t. And if we don’t have privacy, we don’t feel safe.

It doesn’t mean we should just not go online at all. The Internet is a true land of opportunity; it would be a waste if we avoid it altogether. We just need to be careful in protecting our privacy. It’s possible. Learn more on how to protect your privacy with our tips below.

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