Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Is Reportedly Working on an Augmented Reality Headset

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is rumored to be working on an augmented reality headset that might be its next big hit.

The iPhone maker is definitely late when it comes to jumping into the ocean of virtual reality and augmented reality. However, AR and VR are still in their early stages of development and so the tech giant is giving it a shot. Apple is reportedly looking for the next big thing to succeed the iPhone and the upcoming AR headset might just be it. However, Apple fans will have to wait for a while because the headset will probably be ready by 2019 and will start shipping as early as 2020.

Apple reportedly plans to include a new chip as well as an operating system in the upcoming AR headset. This means it will be different from the currently existing mobile VR headsets which are powered by smartphones. Sources familiar with the matter stated that the development of the AR headset has an aggressive timeline that might be subjected to changes. There is a chance that the timeline might be accelerated or it might end up being delayed.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently talked about virtual reality and augmented reality during his company’s latest earnings call. He believes that AR is the way to go for Apple because it is less isolating compared to VR. Cook also talked about the technology during an interview with Good Morning America.

“We’re already seeing things that will transform the way you work, play, connect and learn. Put simply, we believe AR is going to change the way we use technology forever,” stated Cook.

Numerous major firms such as Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) among others have ventured into these technologies but the focus has been skewed towards VR. This is part of the reason why Apple is determined to venture into AR since there has been less focus on it. More companies are venturing into these technologies which mean the competition will pave way for improved experiences.

Apple stock closed the latest trading session on Wednesday at $176.24 after a 0.82 percent gain from the previous close.

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