Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Might Launch the Apple Watch 3 in the Third Quarter


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) might be gearing up to launch the Apple Watch three this fall at the same time as the launch of the next iPhone.

Apple Watch fans will be eager to see what the company has to offer this time with the Apple Watch especially because Apple products keep getting better with each iteration. The Apple Watch is not the most popular product from the tech giant but analysts claim that it is becoming more significant every year and has a definite impact to the company’s topline.

“Apple is “reportedly planning to launch its third-generation Apple Watch in 2017,”reported Chinese website Economic Daily.

The Economic Daily report claims that the launch of a third generation Apple Watch will considerably boost Quanta’s revenue. Quanta is the company that manufactured the previous two generations of the Apple Watch and a third generation of the wearable is not far fetched. Compal Electronics also makes Apple Watches for the tech giant though it is not expected to manufacture the Apple Watch 3. However, it will still continue to produce previous generations of the device.

No official confirmations have been made

Apple has maintained a tight seal on the details as it is the usual fashion. This means there have been no details with regards to the features and specifications of the Apple Watch 3. The only thing that is clear about the Apple Watch business is that it has been gaining traction. The company managed to sell almost 12 million units of the Apple Watch in 2016. This boosted Apple’s position on the smart watch market, giving it a 49 percent of the market.

Apple CEO Tim Cook reported during the company’s Q2 earnings report that Apple Watch sales have doubled on a year over year basis. This highlights the growing popularity of the Apple Watch and the company would be bonkers not to take advantage of the current growth trend. Analysts are confident that Apple will reveal the third generation of the Apple Watch during the launch of the next iPhone.

Apple stock closed the latest trading session on Tuesday at $153.46.

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