Fresh Filings Show Carlson Capital Steadily Narrowing Exposure To Archrock Inc (NYSE:AROC)

Carlson Capital’s recent securities filings show the fund has again cut its position in Archrock Inc (NYSE:AROC). The new position is 6.02 million shares, equivalent to 8.65% of Archrock’s common stock.

The fund owned 6.83 million shares in Archrock as of December 8th, giving it a position of 9.81% in the company’s equity. Earlier on December 1st, Carlson reported owning 7.62 million shares in Archrock, equivalent to 10.95% of equity position in the company. Back in November, Carlson revealed owning 8.47 million shares in Archrock or 12.17% of the company’s equity.

Carlson’s Other Notable Equity Positions

Carlson now owns 6.02 million shares in Forestar Group Inc. (NYSE:FOR), giving it 8.65% ownership claim in the company. A few weeks ago on December 7th the fund disclosed a positon of 1.59 million shares in Forestar, equivalent to 4.72% position in the company. Carlson earlier on December had disclosed owning 2.04 million shares in Forestar, giving it 6.05% equity ownership claim.

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Carlson and Forestar have a standstill agreement, which among others bars Forestar from expanding its board.

Besides Carlson, other notable fund investors in Forestar are NWQ Investment Management Company, which owned 5.29 million shares valued at $61.97 million in the company at the end of 3Q16. Price T Rowe Associates also revealed owning 3.16 million shares in Forestar at the end of 3Q16, a position that was worth $37 million at that time.

Carlson’s Best Equity Picks

LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) was Carlson’s best equity pick exiting 3Q16, with the fund disclosing a position of 1.21 million shares valued at $231.16 million in the company. LinkedIn, which is selling to Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) for $26 billion, made up 2.93% of Carlson’s portfolio at the end of 3Q16.

St. Jude Medical, Inc. (NYSE:STJ) was Carlson’s second-best equity pick exiting 3Q16, with the fund revealing a position of 2.68 million shares valued at $213.44 million in the company and saying that the position accounts for 2.70% of its portfolio.